Theater Week 2016


On May 6th, eighty-five 2nd and 3rd grade students at Hillside school gave an outstanding performance in a Better Than Broadway Productions new, original adaptation of “Stone Soup.” More than 400 parents, siblings and family members packed the Brookside auditorium to watch the students perform the funny story of the town of Winchester and its residents. 

This production was made possible by an AFEE grant that brings Michele Bloom and her Better Than Broadway Productions, LLC theater company to Hillside school for one week of intensive rehearsals which culminate in a Friday afternoon performance for the Hillside students and another performance that evening for the families of the students who in the show. 

The students are offered the opportunity to learn songs, choreography, staging, lines and characters during the two-hour long rehearsals held each day after school.  For many students this is their first opportunity to perform on stage and introduces them to all of the fun and hard work it takes to produce a full-length musical.